Q. What time should I arrive for my rental?

A. Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your rental start time for safety orientation, chart class, & boat review. Your boat may be rented to another customer after you so on-time arrivals are necessary.

Q. What are your prices?

A. Here is a printable price sheet - 

Q. What are your hours?

A. We are open from 8 am to 5:00 pm everyday. 

Q. What should we bring?

A. We have coolers and ice available for rent. Bring sunscreen, snacks, towels, garbage bags, noodles and drinks. Well behaved dogs are allowed, please keep off seats.

Q. Do your boats have GPS?

A. Yes, all of our boats have GPS.

Q. Where is the depth finder?

A. Our boats purposefully do not have depth finders. Our experience has found that depth finders give renters a false sense of safety. Our depths go from deep to shallow in a hot second. Staying on our lined route & between the channel markers is your best depth finder to keep you off the sand bars and to avoid a tow. Tip - Use Navigation charts first, boat GPS second, and your phone GPS if you get turned around.

Q. Do you furnish Navigational Charts?

A. We have detailed charts with top destinations on them. Our experienced Dock Attendants will review our charts, safety equipment, boat operation & orientation checklists with you.

Q. What shouldn't we bring?

Q. Can I go to a beach?

A. Yes, you are allowed to go to the beaches designated with beach balls on the maps/charts. Do not go to any other beaches.

Q. Do I need a fishing license?

A. All non-residents 16 and over and any resident from 16 to 64 are required to have a Florida license. You can get your license online at:

Q. Do you rent fishing poles, beach chairs, umbrellas, etc.?

A. You can rent fishing/beach items at:

Q. Where can I leave a review?

Q. Can I tube or ski behind boat?

Q. Do you sell shirts?

A. Yes, you can purchase them at check in.

Flyer for shirts for sale.jpg

A. No, boating in the Gulf is not like boating in a lake. It is too dangerous to ski or tube.

Q. Do you offer gift certificates?

A. Do not bring grills, charcoal, skis, tubes, or dogs that will damage the boat. No sunscreen/tanning lotion on seats please.

A. Yes, we do.